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Ease of Use
AutoTrac's main screen was designed with the wholesaler in mind. This screen allows you to work with thousands of vehicles at the same time. The "Vehicle Info Panel" makes editing vehicle information lightning fast.

Booking a Vehicle

Booking vehicles has never been easier. Simply input a valid VIN into AutoTrac 2.2's VIN Decoder, enter the vehicle's mileage, and the VIN will be decoded. Click on the "Book" button in the bottom right hand corner, and you're done.

Selling a Vehicle

Selling a vehicle is just a simple as booking it into the system. From the "Vehicle Info Panel", select the Dealer that the vehicle has been Sold To, and input the "Sold Price" for the vehicle. The vehicle will now be marked as Sold in AutoTrac.

List Box Convenience

Both the Data Grid and the Vehicle Info Panel have list boxes with keyboard shortcuts for lightning fast data entry that also helps to insure the accuracy of your data.
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