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Inventory Management
Comprehensive Reporting
Customizable Reports
Form Designer
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Form Designer
Form Designer gives you the power to use your company's data to create printable forms. Whether it be a DMV form, or a form used within your organization, Form Designer allows you to quickly and easily, drag and drop fields from your inventory, or customer data.

Edit Field Properties

After dragging a field out from the Field List, you can edit that field's properties, giving you complete control over that field's appearance when printed (If you choose to have it printed at all). With the ability to parse specially formatted code, calcuating values from data fields is quick and easy.

Global Field Adjustment

Are all of the fields on a form printing out too high? Rather than adjusting the height position of each field, use the Global Field Adjustment. This feature allows you to move all of the fields on a form Up, Down, Left, or Right by the amount you specify.
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